Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Help Amplify Home Cleaning

22 June 2023
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Residential carpet cleaning services are a great investment for a deep clean in a high-traffic location or to refresh older carpets after a new home purchase, when preparing to sell a home, or when completing spring cleaning. While there are consumer purchase and rental equipment options for shampooing and better-than-average cleaning, a professional crew uses industrial cleaning appliances, special attachments, and high-quality cleaning products to provide top results for several problem areas. Using a cleaning service also helps you avoid the time constraints of renting a home-use unit and amplifies a standard carpet cleaning practice.

Dirt and allergen removal

Carpets in commercial businesses or private homes with lots of foot traffic become impacted with dust and other particles over time. A high-quality shampoo and subsequent rinse help remove dirt and any allergens, such as pet dander, at a higher level than many consumer vacuum cleaners. For carpets that have suffered a flooding event, such as a tub overflow or water leak, the build-up of mildew or mold is also a concern. Professional cleaners can reach the deepest fibers of a high-pile carpet to restore carpeting and prevent the spread of allergens to other areas of the home.

Stain removal

A variety of food and beverage stains, including wine and tomato, can be very difficult to fully remove with store products. Regular shampooers and vacuum cleaner attachments coupled with stain remover often remove most of the color, but a subtle tint may remain for observant viewers. Pet stains, such as urine, present similar challenges due to the proteins in the fluid. 

While the surface-level stain is largely removed, the carpet fibers still carry slight damage. The solvents and standard products a cleaner utilizes coupled with high-powered specialty attachments further break down stains in individual carpet fibers and reach down to the base of the carpet to provide top-to-bottom care. When contemplating selling a home, investing in a deep cleaning can help restore the appearance and life of a carpet.

Other services

When contracting with a residential carpet cleaning crew, ask about any additional services the company provides. Many carpet cleaners also provide upholstery care services and are able to clean certain curtains. For couches and chairs in need of deep stain removal or a simple refresh, these add-ons further polish the home. Cleaning also extends beyond wall-to-wall carpeting and can include large area rugs with more complex needs.

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