Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Hood Clean

23 August 2022
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One of the many tasks you'll want to have taken care of in your restaurant is to have the kitchen hood cleaned. This should be done for numerous reasons. Some information on kitchen hood cleaning and its importance can be read in the following short guide on the topic: 

About restaurant hood cleaning

Restaurant hood cleaning includes cleaning the individual parts of the kitchen hood. Things like dust, grease, and other substances will be removed during the cleaning process. Of course, the hood itself will also be completely cleaned. The location of the hood and the number of foods being regularly cooked in a commercial kitchen allows the buildup to return rather quickly. While each kitchen may vary slightly, many find they need the hood cleaned a few times per year. You want to make sure your hood is being cleaned often enough that it doesn't end up with an abundance of buildup on it.

Some important reasons for having the hood cleaned regularly include:

Less risk of a fire

A commercial kitchen is a place where a lot is going on all at once and there are many things being cooked. There may be tall flames at times, and there will be plenty of heat nearly all the time when the restaurant is open for business. When the hood is dirty, it will have a collection of grease that can end up igniting, and you can have a serious fire break out. Routine hood cleaning helps significantly decrease the chances of a kitchen fire. 

Protects the equipment

You count on your kitchen equipment to run properly in order for your restaurant to run the way it should. However, allowing too much grease to accumulate on the hood can put the equipment at risk. The equipment can start having problems, or it can break down altogether. Cleaning the hood can be a very effective way to prevent equipment breakdowns. 

Better air quality

You want to provide your staff and customers with the healthiest environment you possibly can. A hood with a lot of grease build-up can make it harder for you to keep the air clear of smoke. Poor air quality can be hard to be in for an extended period of time, and it can create an uncomfortable environment for both patrons and your staff. The smell in the space can also become worse, and in a restaurant kitchen, you want to be able to smell all the wonderful meals being cooked.