What Makes A Medical Office Cleaner Different Than Other Office Cleaners?

4 April 2022
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A medical office is an office that offers medical services, including veterinary services. Offices that offer beauty and hygiene services can take advantage of medical office cleaning services.

To get the most out of the experience in utilizing a medical office cleaning company, it's wise to know what makes this professional service different from other cleaning services. Learn more about medical office cleaning and what makes this cleaning different than others.

The end goal for the client

When a traditional office cleaning company serves its clients, the end goal is often different than the one a medical office cleaning company might have. Traditional office cleaning involves organizing and throwing away trash and doing basic cleaning to ensure the property is presentable. With medical office cleaning, the goal is to sanitize and keep the property safe from viruses spreading and bacteria.

Skills and supplies used 

A medical office cleaning company will use different cleaning supplies and have a different set of skills for their employees than a traditional office cleaning company might. Depending on the type of medical setting you have to be cleaned, you can utilize the skills of both regular office cleaning and medical office cleaning specialists.

For example, you can use office cleaning specialists to keep the main waiting and reception areas clean and can use these services to keep office equipment clean and break areas clean as well. Where you'll want medical office cleaning is in the patient rooms and laboratories or when there is an outbreak of a contagious disease and you have patients coming in a larger amount than you normally do.

It's wise to hire a medical office cleaning specialist to do sanitizing and disinfecting of your building because these professionals are better equipped to know how to use special chemicals and cleaning agents and know how to be safe while using them. They're also trained in how to work with infectious diseases and blood human-borne illnesses, which a traditional office cleaning specialist may not know how to do safely.

Costs for medical office cleaning are based on the type of work you need to have done, how long the services are needed for, and how large the medical offices are. Expect to pay around $60 per hour for these services, which usually include disposal of waste as well as cleaning. Schedule a medical office cleaner to come to your business a few times a week or on an as-needed basis, depending on what works best for your business.