How Can Flood Damage Restoration Help You Salvage Your Things?

24 September 2021
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Water damage is a type of damage that can worsen over time if it's not properly remedied. If your house was damaged due to flooding, you'll need to contact a flood damage restoration service immediately. Here are five things this type of service can do to salvage your property:

1. Remove flood water.

The first step in flood damage restoration is removing flood water from your home. Flood water is often full of bacteria. It can even contain raw sewage if sewage lines have ruptured over the course of the flooding event. A flood damage restoration team will use powerful vacuum cleaners to suction water out of your home. They will remove as much water as possible from your carpets and other porous surfaces before moving on to the next step.

2. Dehumidify your home.

After a home floods, humidity can linger in the air. This is especially true if rainy conditions have persisted outside. A flood damage restoration team will dehumidify your home using powerful fans to circulate air throughout the space. They will also use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and air scrubbers to remove odors from your home.

3. Disinfect surfaces.

Once your house has been dried, the flood damage restoration team will need to disinfect porous and nonporous surfaces in your home. The bacteria carried by flood water can be left behind even after the water is gone, so good disinfection practices are necessary. Your flood damage restoration team can steam-clean porous objects, such as rugs and sofas. They can also bleach nonporous surfaces, such as counters, tables, walls, and floors.

4. Dispose of ruined objects.

Some objects will likely be ruined by flooding. Books, documents, and even clothing can be irreparably damaged by floodwaters. Dealing with these ruined items yourself can be stressful, especially if you don't have somewhere to properly dispose of them. A flood damage restoration service can go through your house, throwing away items that have been damaged beyond repair. They can haul these items away, so you won't have to figure out the logistics of garbage removal.

5. Perform mold remediation.

Prompt flood damage restoration can prevent mold from growing. However, flood damage experts can also perform mold remediation. A water damage restoration team can test for the presence of mold in your home. If mold has already started to grow, your restoration team can use fungicides to eradicate it.

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