3 Reasons Your Driveway Needs Pressure Washing

10 August 2021
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Driveways don't become dirty overnight, and it's difficult for many homeowners to notice just how much mineral waste has built up on their driveway's surface over the years. While the task of driveway cleaning can be a daunting one for people who may not have the tools or the time required, professional pressure washers can easily get the job done. Take a look below at just three of the most common reasons why your home's driveway can benefit from pressure washing.

Increasing Home Value

It may seem superficial, but basic curb appeal is far more important to the value of a home than many people realize. If you think of your driveway as a sort of introduction or first impression to your home, then you're well on your way to seeing your home as a real estate agent might. Even if a newly pressure-cleaned driveway adds a mere 2 percent to the selling price of a home that is valued at $250,000, then professionally pressure washing services pay for themselves several times over.

Prioritizing Safety

If you're not looking to put your house on the market any time soon, driveway pressure cleaning is still worth it. One of the most common kinds of driveway stains — and one of the hardest to get rid of — is oil stains. Not only are these stains unsightly, but they are fairly slick after heavy rainfall. While this may seem like only a minor inconvenience at first, oil stains can easily cause residents to sustain injuries as the result of a slip and fall. The same can be said of algae and moss that grow on driveways in wetter climates. Pressure washing is a convenient way to remove the dangers that these materials pose while simultaneously making your driveway look new again. 

Maintaining ​Material Integrity

Whether your driveway is primarily made of brick, asphalt, or concrete, failing to have it regularly cleaned can risk the integrity of your driveway as a whole. Dirt and grime, for example, can cause small bits of driveway to erode over time, and this erosion may not be noticeable to the naked eye until it causes major problems. Similarly, weeds that start growing in small cracks can eventually cause entire sections of your driveway to be upended. In either case, attempting to fix your driveway after the fact carries with it far higher costs than pressure cleaning services.  

If you need a driveway cleaning, contact a pressure washing service near you.