5 Reasons To Hire Move Out Cleaners

2 July 2021
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Cleaning out your old apartment during a move is one more task on your long moving day checklist. Fortunately, it is a task that you can delegate to a professional move-out cleaning service. 

1. Deposit Return

As a renter, the main reason to bring in professional move-out cleaners is to get back as much of your security deposit as possible upon moving. Most leases stipulate that the apartment must be thoroughly cleaned or a cleaning fee -- often much larger than what it actually costs to hire cleaners -- will be deducted from your deposit. A professional cleaning will ensure that this fee is not taken out of your deposit. 

2. Save Time

Time can be at a premium during the move, especially if you only have a weekend to get it done or are trying to minimize the time you take off work for the big move. Sinking a couple of hours into cleaning may simply be impossible on top of everything else you must do. Not only can a cleaning service give you back this time, but they can also likely clean the apartment in less time than you could do it on your own. 

3. Thorough Job

There's a lot of places where dirt and grime can hide, many you may not even be aware of. For example, underneath the fridge, the hidden corners inside the oven drawer, and behind the toilet are all difficult to reach and easily overlooked. Unfortunately, overlooking just one area can impact your deposit and result in a fee. A professional service has a plan in place that ensures that no area of the apartment is skipped over during a cleaning. 

4. Stress Reduction

There is a lot going on during the move-out day, as you are busy picking up keys, arranging moving trucks, and moving out your belongings. Cleaning up the old place is just one more thing to do when you are already extremely stressed. Handing this task over to someone else alleviates your stress and allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your big move. 

5. Prevents Damage

The last thing you want is to accidentally cause damage on the last day you are in an apartment. Trying to wrestle with carpet cleaning machines and other deep-cleaning equipment can, unfortunately, lead to scratches in the paint and other minor damages. Call in the pros, as they have the experience to avoid damages while still doing a thorough job. 

Contact a moving clean-out service if you need a moving solution that saves time and money.