3 Carpet Cleaning Techniques Professionals Use

11 June 2021
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A carpet has many uses for your living space. Apart from beautification, it also acts as an insulator, allowing your feet to stay warm in cold weather. It also provides safety from slip-and-fall accidents. With all these benefits, you should ensure that your carpet is well maintained through regular cleaning.

Given that the carpet gets exposed to all sorts of dirt, it can be quite hard to clean it thoroughly by yourself. Fortunately, carpet cleaning services can help you with this task. They have various techniques they will use to leave your rug looking new and fresh smelling. Ideally, the cleaning method used will depend on your type of carpet. If you are curious to know what techniques these companies use, read on.

1. The Steam Carpet Cleaning Technique

This process is sometimes known as the hot water extraction technique, where highly pressurized water is used to clean the rug. First, a cleaning agent is applied to the device. Then once the machine is in contact with the carpet, the brush shakes the fibers to reach the dirt hidden for a thorough clean. Finally, the carpet is rinsed and left to dry in a room. Some carpet cleaners use an air conditioner to facilitate the drying process.

The total time taken from cleaning to drying depends on the size of the carpet. Usually, an average-sized carpet requires a few hours to clean and dry. The drying time mainly depends on the time of day. Most carpet cleaning companies recommend cleaning the carpet in the afternoon to allow it to dry overnight.

2. The Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Technique

Shampoo rug cleaning is quite common among carpet cleaning services. It is an effective method for carpets that are heavily soiled by dirt, soil, and dust. The approach involves shampooing the rug and then scrubbing it with a wet brush.

Scrubbing generates foam, which helps extract the deeply embedded grime. At the tail-end of the process, the cleaner vacuums the carpet to remove leftover shampoo and dirt. However, the carpet has to be completely dry before vacuuming.

3. The Dry Carpet Cleaning Technique

This is the latest technique in the carpet cleaning industry. Many commercial places prefer using it because it is less time-consuming, and there is no drying time needed since it does not require any water to clean. 

The cleaning expert typically applies a powder at the bottom part of the carpet and removes dirt using a rotating brush. During this process, the fibers open for deep and effective cleaning. Like in the shampoo technique, you have to vacuum the carpet to remove the powder and grime residuals.

When the time comes to clean your carpet, call a professional carpet cleaning service. These experts will determine the best method to use to guarantee the best results possible. Contact a carpet cleaning company for more information.