How You Might Be In Danger In Your Own Home Without Knowing

10 December 2020
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As a homeowner, there are many different dangers that you have to be aware of at all times, but most of them are quite visible and, therefore, easy to stop. These visible threats can be cracks in the walls, fires, broken material, and so on. But what happens when the threat is virtually invisible? There aren't too many invisible threats out there, and most people don't even know of the ones that do exist. Perhaps the most notable, and scary, invisible threat is radon gas. If you have never had a radon home inspection then here is why you should schedule one now.

What Is Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a byproduct of uranium that is present in small quantities. It does not take a lot of uranium to create enough radon gas that it becomes dangerous for you. This radon gas comes up from the earth and will settle in any room where it gets trapped. So, for those with open foundations, this becomes a real, significant risk. Once there, the radon gas, which is radioactive, can cause cancer and other harmful and dangerous conditions. 

How Do I Know If My House Has Radon Gas In It?

There is no way to tell if your home has dangerous levels of radon gas in it without getting a radon home inspection. That is because the gas itself is not only invisible but odorless as well. This makes it virtually impossible to discover without the aid of specially developed tools that can detect radon in the air. A radon home inspection will go over all of your rooms, checking each for settled deposits of radon gas, and then advise you on the result. Fortunately, oftentimes, the radon gas is not found, or it is found in very low, non-harmful quantities. 

What If My Home Does End Up Having Radon Inside It?

While the threat radon gas poses is serious, it can be combated through the installation of special underground ventilation and other avenues that disperse the gas. There are also measures you can put into place that stop the gas from coming into your home in the first place. The main problem with radon gas is knowing it is there in the first place, which is why you should, at least once, contact a radon home inspection company to get your home cleared. 

For additional information, contact a company that can provide radon home inspections.