Insight For Keeping Your Home's Tile Floors Clean And Protected

22 July 2020
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Tile floors in your home provide good durability and an attractive appearance that will last for many years with the right maintenance. Depending on the type of tiles that are installed in your home, it is essential that you understand their specific needs and requirements to keep them protected and looking their best. Here are some tips to help you keep your home's tile floors clean and great looking.

Daily Maintenance

Any type of flooring requires daily maintenance to keep them cleaned and damage-free, but with tiles, you need to look out for their surface materials that can become scratched from neglect. On a daily basis, your tile flooring is going to accumulate dirt, dust, and pebbles from outside that get tracked in from foot traffic. These particles left on your tile floor will cause scratching on the surface of the tiles. And over time, this type of repeated exposure to grit will wear off the top layer of your tiles and make them look dull, dirty, and ugly. 

At a minimum, you should sweep your tiles each day to remove dirt and grit along with any other particles. You can also use a vacuum to pick up particles that land on your tiles. Tiles may be water-resistant but they are susceptible to erosion from regular use in your home.

All-Over Cleaning

Another recommendation for cleaning your tile flooring is to complete an all-over cleaning less frequently based on the traffic in your home. Tiles will collect spots and stains from spills and other accidents in your home, so it is a good idea to keep them wiped up periodically. The frequency in which you clean your tiles will depend on the number of stains they collect. 

But when you clean them use an appropriate cleaner that does not damage their surface. For example, if your tiles are made of natural stone, be careful you don't use any vinegar, lemon, or other acidic cleaners on their surface. These solutions can etch the surface and cause permanent damage to their finish. Use a soft cloth to clean your natural stone tiles and not scratch them with a brush.

Clean and Protect Grout

You should also clean your tile grout, which is a porous surface, and will collect stains and discoloration. You can use a mixture of baking soda, dish soap, and water to treat and clean the grout. You can also hire a professional tile cleaning service to clean your tiles and their grout. This can remove ground-in dirt and staining that can occur over time.

For more information on what tile cleaners are best for you, contact a local cleaning service.