Answers For Routine Stone Repair Issues Homeowners Can Encounter

25 November 2018
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Stone surfaces are commonly used in both interior and exterior setting. Its popularity is often based on stone's inherent durability and strength. Despite these characteristics, stone will still need to undergo routine maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, your stone surfaces could suffer excessive deterioration.

Do Damaged Stones Have To Be Replaced?

When stone surfaces suffer damage, homeowners often assume that the entire stone will have to be replaced. However, there are a variety of techniques and materials that can be used to patch the damaged stone. In addition to being able to fill small cracks, it can be possible to use high-grade resins to reshape the stone so that it will be restored to its original appearance.

Are Impacts The Only Source Of Damage That Stone Can Sustain?

While strong and direct impacts to the stone can cause extensive damage, these are not the only sources of damage that can affect stone. Moisture damage, solar bleaching, and abrasion can all contribute to sizable damage to stone. Homes located near bodies salt water or sandy beaches can experience particularly harsh wear on any stone surfaces. Homeowners can often underestimate the effects of prolonged exposure to these hazards. Regular cleanings and keeping the stone protected with a sealant can minimize many of these sources of wear so that your stone surfaces can last longer.  

What Are The Options For Effectively Cleaning Stone Surfaces?

Cleaning stone is a very basic form of maintenance. However, it can require considerable work if you do not have the correct equipment. Over time, grime and dirt can become baked onto the surface of the stone, which can make it extremely difficult to remove. The use of a pressure washer can eliminate much of the difficulty of cleaning stone, but you will want to ensure that any cracks or chips have been repaired before pressure washing it. This will prevent the water from entering these crevices where it could potentially cause further damage.

Can Degraded Mortar Be Repaired?

Many stone surfaces will use mortar to hold the individual stones in place. Unfortunately, the mortar will often degrade long before the stone. If your stone surfaces start to experience this damage, the mortar can be replaced with tuckpointing. This will involve the systematic removal of any mortar that is severely degraded so that new mortar can be injected into its place. While this is a highly effective repair, it can be time-consuming as brisk surfaces will often use large amounts of mortar.

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