Nightly Office Cleaning Should Include Staying on Top of Tough Carpet Stains

30 January 2017
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Offices are very busy places during the day. People can be running around rather flustered when trying to juggle various responsibilities. People in busy offices often enjoy stimulants in the form of coffee and energy drinks. Busy people have a tendency to lose their concentration and drop things. Black coffee and cherry-red energy drinks may be among the liquids that hit the floor. Employees might not think much of the problem since the nightly office cleaning crew is coming in. Managers, however, do need to be sure the cleaning crew is told to be on the lookout for spills. Otherwise, the carpet is going to end up being ruined and in need of a costly replacement.

Request Help from the Employees

Giving any cleaning crew a little heads-up about spills or other issues never hurts. The chances of anything being missed are obviously reduced when the cleaning crew is told about an errant spill. Leaving a board up in the office for employees to note any spills or other mishaps would help things quite a bit. Avoid connecting the notice with any punishments or admonishments for sloppiness. Doing so may only lead to employees not making notations of messes. Granted, relying solely on the employees' forthright honesty is not enough.

Provide a Highly-Detailed Checklist to the Cleaning Crew

To boost the crew's ability to do its job most efficiently, craft a checklist for the crew to help the workers be extra efficient. A cursory checklist won't be sufficient. The items on the list should be clear and detailed to ensure no odd spills or stains are missed. The checklist could include directions such as checking under desks and garbage cans and the like.

Ask for Reports on Cleaning Limitations

A spill or other mess might end up being so bad that cleaning things up perfectly may be outside the scope of the night crew. Perhaps the job is best performed by a professional carpet cleaner. Making sure the night crew reports on any inabilities to completely clean up a major stain helps with calling a carpet team without delay. The quicker a stain is cleaned up, the less likely it ends up being permanent. A permanent stain may require replacing the carpet since the blemish won't exactly impress visitors to the office.

Don't think these steps reflect going overboard with office cleaning? Think of the steps more in terms of keeping costs down while maintaining a cleanly work environment.