Save Money By Buying Used Carpet And Getting It Professionally Cleaned

4 January 2016
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Since carpet is a flooring that usually does not last that long, most people tend to install brand-new and do not think about getting used carpeting, especially because it can be a little challenging to find. However, large supplies of used carpet are available at most building supply stores, where you can find large pieces of carpet that were used for previous projects. By getting it professionally cleaned and using it in different areas of your home, you can save money and provide the flooring update you want in your home.

For areas to incorporate used carpeting that has been professionally cleaned, consider some of the following rooms for the best results.

Basement Flooring

The basement can be used for everything from a guest bedroom to a home theater, making the flooring a vital part of the space. Instead of simply tossing a rug over the concrete floors, consider installing used carpeting for better soundproofing and to combat how basements can echo and feel separate from the home. With used carpeting, you'll have more room to spend on a better sound system, furniture, or other features in the basement.

Craft Room

Another space where used carpeting can shine is a crafting room. Since is likely that the carpeting is going to get dirty anyway due to supplies or crafting projects, you can install used carpeting without worrying about it being a poor value. An easy way to hide some of the messes that are likely to occur in the craft room is through choosing darker colors or speckled patterns that can camouflage stains.

Kids Room

Your kid's rooms are another area in the home that will likely get messy over the years, leading to stains that are impossible to remove. This fact makes used carpeting a good choice over brand-new carpet. For a unique style, you can even consider using mismatch carpeting since they will likely outgrow the current style of room and will appreciate replacing the carpet every few years.

Just like in the craft room, make sure the used carpeting is able to disguise stains with a color that is ideal for camouflaging.  

Workout Room

While rubber floors can be great for a workout room, they can be expensive and may not fit your current budget. A good alternative due to its ability to absorb the shock of weights and machines is carpeting. Since the workout room will not need carpet in perfect condition, you can save a lot of money by choosing used carpeting that may not be in the best shape appearance-wise, but still get the benefits you want.

Incorporating used carpeting in your home can help save money and still give any room in your home a new look. By getting the carpeting cleaned professionally by a company like Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc, you should be able to get the carpet looking like new again without the high price tag as well.