Do Stain Resistant Carpets Require Less Cleaning?

18 August 2015
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Do you have stain-resistant carpet? How often do you clean it? Many people believe that stain resistant carpet requires less cleaning than other types of carpet. The truth is that stain-resistant carpet isn't as resistant to the other things that can contaminate a carpet. Therefore, it still requires regular cleaning.

How Stain Resistant Carpet Works

Stain resistant means the carpet has a coating that helps prevent liquids and dirt from settling into the fibers. Those coatings can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, and some are definitely better than others.

However, no matter how efficient that coating is, it will slowly wear off. In fact, the more work that coating has to do, the faster it will wear off. Eventually, you can find yourself with a permanent stain.

If you want that coating to last longer, you still have to practice good carpet cleaning habits.

Another type of stain resistant carpet includes carpet with tightly packed fibers. This kind of carpet doesn't need a coating because the fiber clusters are so thick, they won't allow spills or dirt to penetrate into them.

But even with these, if you don't clean up immediately, the stain can set in, albeit slowly. Also, those thick clusters will loosen over time. The same rules apply to these carpets; vacuum often and clean those stains.

The part that should concern you most is that even with thick fiber clusters or a wonderful coating, dust and microbes can still get into the carpet. All of that everyday dirt that accumulates on and in normal carpets still occurs with stain-resistant carpet.

You Still Need Professional Cleaning

Yes, a quality stain resistant carpet can help you keep stains from setting in, and it can do a lot to protect itself from other things. Unfortunately, stains can still do damage, and those other things that can cause allergy attacks and worse can still find a home in there.

Do your best to keep it clean, but make sure that you call in a professional to do a deep cleaning about once a year (or more if you have heavy pet or foot traffic). Make sure you let them know that you have a stain resistant carpet.

Abrasive cleanings can rub off the coating. Ask the carpet cleaning service if they can apply a sealant after the cleaning to help keep the integrity of the coating for a little while longer.

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