Tips for Removing Hard Water Stains

10 August 2015
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Whether you're removing hard water stains at home or in the work place, these methods will help you clean hard water stains from a variety of surfaces. 

Shower Heads

Shower heads can be difficult to clean because hard water can build up inside the tiny holes and inside the shower head itself. To clean the shower head, put vinegar in a sandwich bag and attach the sandwich bag to the fixture with a rubber band so that the vinegar completely encases the shower head. Leave the bag on the shower head for at least an hour while you go clean other surfaces of the house. When you return, remove the bag and wipe down the surface of the shower head with a damp sponge. Run a strong jet of water through the shower head. Running the water through the shower head will force the mineral deposits out of the shower head.


You can clean dishes in one of two ways, and both ways involve vinegar. If you need to get the job done quickly, the best way is to scrub down each dish with a rag soaked in vinegar. Simply wipe down the dish, rinse it in water, then dry the dish with a clean rag. If the dish still has hard water stains on it, repeat the process.

If you have time to let the dishes soak, fill your sink with warm water and vinegar and leave the dishes to soak in the vinegar for an hour more. When you return, simply rinse and dry the dishes.

Faucets and Other Surfaces

Rub down the stained surfaces of the bathroom with a lemon or with a sponge soaked in lemon juice. Next, make a thick paste of vinegar and baking soda. Dip a damp sponge or toothbrush in the paste and use the brush or sponge to wipe down all the hard to reach crevices. Leave this combination of lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda to sit on each surface as you go around the bathroom cleaning other surfaces until finally each surface has been covered. Then, spray down the coated surfaces with equal parts vinegar and water and wipe it all away with a damp sponge. Use a clean, dry towel to dry each surface and ensure that it's free from stains.


Soak anything that needs to be soaked at the beginning of the process, and come back to those things at the end. This will help you save time as you clean. Once this process is complete, stay on top of the hard water stain removal by wiping down all surfaces with vinegar during subsequent cleanings. Following this advice, you should be able to keep any surface free of hard water stains.

If you're hoping to clean up an office space, talk with professional cleaners like Carnation Cleaning Corp to make sure they know to focus on surfaces stained by hard water.