3 Somewhat Out There Cleaning Tricks That Actually Work

30 June 2015
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Apart from work, you spend most of your time at home. Therefore, you want to keep it as clean as you can. Some things are a bit more difficult to keep clean than others and some surfaces are hard to get stains out of. Here are three cleaning hacks that are a bit wild but truly work:

1. Getting Grease Stains Out with Chalk.

Whether it's grease from working on the car or grease from frying chicken, you've probably dealt with a grease stain or two at some point in your life. Most people either turn those shirts with grease stains into cleaning or work shirts. However, this doesn't have to be the case if you use a little bit of chalk. Rub it on the grease stain before you put it in the washer with detergent to soak up most of the grease. According to Apartment Therapy, it can even work on lipstick stains.

2. Removing Crayon Marks from Your Flat Screen with WD-40.

Most people have dealt with crayon marks on the walls, but have you ever had a child take their artistic skills to on-screen levels? You were probably furious when you stepped into the living room or bedroom to see that your child decided to use your flat-screen television as a canvas. Fortunately there's an easy fix. All you need to do is head out to the garage, shop or shed and pick up a can of WD-40. Spray some onto a microfiber cloth and hold the cloth on the screen. After a few minutes, give it a gentle buff and wipe down and it should be clean. This method also works great on computer screens and even walls.

3. Keep Your Baseboards Clean with Dryer Sheets

You may mop and vacuum the floors often, but it is your baseboards that tend to accumulate a hefty amount of dirt, dust and grime. Rather than using a damp rag, you should take a dryer sheet out of the laundry room and wipe it along the baseboards. This attracts the dust so that your baseboards are left dirt-free. At the same time, it also creates a coating on the baseboards that helps to prevent dust particles from accumulating.

Sometimes you just don't have the time to perform some major cleaning to your home. While the above cleaning tips are a little wacky at first glance, they get the job done quickly without taking up a lot of your time. However, if you need a full cleaning of your house or want to schedule services on a weekly or monthly basis, contact a professional janitor service company like Elk Grove House Cleaning Referral Agency