Residential Water Damage Restoration: 3 Things Indicating Your Ceiling Needs Attention

15 July 2022
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Your ceiling is critical in shielding you from the elements and adverse temperatures and providing a finished look. It also insulates pipes and beams and serves as a base for electrical wiring. If it gets damaged, several things could go wrong. Your furniture and other belongings can be destroyed, and you'll have to contend with leaks every time there's a storm. Knowing water damage signs can help you take the appropriate action before things get out of hand. The good news is that a residential water damage restoration company can fix your ceiling and restore it to its original condition. Here are three things that indicate it requires attention:

Brown Stains

When moisture settles on your ceiling, it will stain, and this will be manifested through brown patches. Several things could leak water onto your ceiling, including burst pipes and broken shingles. Some parts of your house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, may also have high humidity levels that could cause moisture to condense on the ceiling. A restoration company can identify the source of the stains and eliminate them before more destruction is caused. If it's due to humidity, they'll install ventilators to improve circulation and get rid of the dampness in the rooms. They'll also fix broken pipes and seal the leaking areas on your roof.


Your ceiling should always be straight and level. If you notice that it has bowed, it could be having an underlying issue. These could be broken sinks, toilets, and pipes on the upper floors. Your roof could also be missing some shingles, allowing water to penetrate. If you want to avert bigger problems in your home, you should call a restoration company immediately after you notice your ceiling is sagging. They'll inspect your roof and find out if it's in top condition. If it's not, they'll get the shingles fixed. They'll also unclog your gutters to minimize the pressure of dirt, leaves, and branches on your roof. On top of that, they'll fix the broken appliances in your upper rooms to stop the leaks.

Weird Smells

Although some ceiling water damage signs can be visible, others are subtle. Your ceiling may not have stains, but it could be emitting musty odors. These smells usually come from mildew or mold that could have grown on it. If you notice unusual smells coming from your roof, contact a restoration professional. They'll thoroughly assess this structure to determine the extent of water damage and fix the underlying issues. This will protect your home's occupants from respiratory illnesses and other complications. 

Your ceiling needs to be in top condition to perform its functions effectively. If you notice any of these three signs, call a residential water damage restoration company. They'll diagnose the issues on your ceiling and repair them quickly to enable it to continue serving you. 

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