Demystifying The Myths About Window Cleaning

17 December 2021
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The windows in your house give you a view of the outside world and also let in light that illuminates your living space. These are the reasons they should be properly cleaned and maintained. The following are some myths about home window cleaning you should avoid.

Rain Cleans Your Windows

One common myth regarding window cleaning is that there is no need to clean windows when it rains. Although raindrops are clean, many people are surprised when they notice dirty streaks on their windows after the rain. When rain falls on dirty windows, it mixes with the dirt; hence, the displeasing spots on the window glass.

Rain transfers contaminated particles from window panels and sills to the glass, making it look more stained than before it rained. Therefore, you can use rain to determine whether your windows are clean or not.

Cleaning Windows Using Newspapers

In the past, newspapers were thick and popular items for polishing windows. Modern newspapers are quite thinner and break easily, staining the windows with ink. Therefore, newspapers are no longer used to clean windows. Alternatives to newspapers are microfiber cloths and chamois leather.

Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

Many homeowners believe that they should clean windows on a sunny day. The truth is cleaning windows when it is sunny will leave stains on your window glass. This is because the water and cleaning solution will dry before you rub it out. 

It is also difficult to see the dirt on windows on a sunny day because of the glares. The ideal time to clean windows is during a cloudy day when it isn't too hot.

Professional Window Cleaning Is Harmful to the Environment

This could never be further from the truth. DIY home window cleaning has a greater chance of harming the environment because many homeowners don't know which cleaning products are safe and which ones aren't. Some window cleaning detergents contain excess levels of petrochemical agents.

One benefit of hiring professional window cleaning services is that they know which cleaning products to use. Furthermore, they will apply cleaning methods that will leave your windows sparkling clean.

Professional Window Cleaning Is Expensive

The phrase "cheap is expensive" is often used to show that it is better to pay a high cost now than to pay a steeper cost later. DIY window cleaning isn't cheaper when compared to hiring professional cleaners.

When you look at the equipment and cleaning products that professionals use, you will find that their services are cost-effective. Additionally, window cleaners will save you the time, energy, and damage you will likely incur cleaning windows yourself.

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