3 Types Of Carpet Stains That Professional Cleaners Will Help You Remove

27 April 2021
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Carpets are usually beautiful coverings, especially for most residential floors. If you want to enhance your home's decor, a carpet is perhaps among the essential things to use. They help transform your home's overall look and make it a beautiful place for your family and visitors. That's why most homeowners are keen on the color, style, and texture of their carpets. 

However, a stained carpet can also be an eyesore. And since most carpet stains are stubborn and hard to remove, it's critical to invest in professional carpet cleaning services to ensure the stains are correctly removed. Here are some of the carpet stains that professional cleaners will help you remove.

Nail Polish

Nail polish can get into the carpet in various ways, and it's never easy to clean, especially on your own. If nail polish happens to be spilled on your carpet, pour some water on the stained area to keep it damp. Then contact a professional cleaner to come and remove the stain because they will do it correctly without leaving any of it on your carpet. They also know the best polish removers to use. Don't remove the stain yourself because some of the reagents you use may end up damaging your carpet.


Although nail polish is a bit stubborn, it may not get spilled on the carpet frequently. However, coffee is among the drinks that get spilled on the carpet more often in most homes. If there are coffee stains on your carpet, you can use a clean towel or cloth to remove them. However, dried coffee stains aren't easily removed because certain cleaning techniques are required to do it. 

Some stains are so stubborn that even applying mild soap detergents won't help. In this case, call in a professional to clean the coffee stains for you because they know the most effective solutions to use and the best cleaning methods to apply.

Pet Stains

Humans aren't the only source of the stains you see on your carpet. Your pet can also stain your beautiful carpet in a big way. Urine from pets such as cats and dogs can cause a stubborn stain on your carpet. The bad thing about it is that removing pet stains from the carpet is never an easy task. If your pet has urinated on your carpet, it's not advisable to remove the urine stains yourself. Instead, get experienced cleaners to handle the stained carpet because they know the best way to deal with pet stains.

A sparkling carpet adds a lot of beauty and value to a home. Unfortunately, keeping the carpet clean all the time isn't easy. Also, dealing with some carpet stains isn't as simple as one may think. If you have nail polish, pet, or coffee stains on your carpet, getting carpet cleaning services is the best thing to do.

Reach out to a local carpet cleaning service today to learn more.