Was Winter Hard On Your Home's Floors? 4 Common Carpet Stains That Need To Leave With The Season

3 February 2020
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The colder months mean that your family spends more time inside, and you may have even had the opportunity to host events in your home for your favorite guests. While all of that time with family and friends might have been fun, you can't help but notice that the carpet looks like a disaster. These four common carpet stains tend to show up the most during the winter months, and you can look for them around your house to know where to point to when you arrange for carpet cleaning services.

Check for Fireplace Ash and Soot

If your home has a fireplace, then you may have some dark stains showing up on the carpeted areas around the hearth. Ideally, you should place a fireplace rug on the carpet that is closest to the area where ash and soot may fly out. However, you may still have developed some darkened areas. A carpet cleaner can get the soot out of the carpet fibers, which also helps to reduce household allergens.

Remove Mud Stains Through Walkways

Depending on where you live, you may have large amounts of mud that build up during the winter when it rains or snows. Winter precipitation may look pretty on the grass and trees, but it quickly turns into a big mess once everything begins to melt and drip. Mud stains are commonly found in main walking paths through your home. You may see dark tracks near the doorway or leading to where people tend to go first when they come inside. After you have the stains lifted with a professional carpet cleaning, consider setting up an area for everyone to take off their shoes when it's wet outside.

Lift Beverage Spills From the Carpet

Those inevitable spills are sometimes hard to get up, even when you clean them right away. Wine, coffee, and soda are a few of the most common spill stains to find on your carpet. Professional cleaning solutions are designed to break down the pigments that cause stains using special enzymes. This allows you to avoid damaging the fibers by scrubbing too hard or using ineffective chemicals.

Clean Up Pet Accidents

Your pets may usually go outside to use the restroom, but foul weather might have caused them to get out of their normal routine. Pet accidents can lead to stains as well as an unappealing odor. These must be cleaned up with special techniques and cleaning solutions that neutralize the odors and reach deep into the carpet fibers so that no lingering odor remains. Once the weather warms up, your pup should be more willing to spend enough time outside to do their business where it belongs.