Tips For Keeping Your Upholstered Furniture Clean And Smelling Fresh

7 June 2018
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It's disturbing to realize you've become so used to the odors in your home that you no longer detect them. This might be happening to odors on your sofa and easy chairs if you have pets or if your family lounges on the furniture daily. Body odor, pet stains, food, and spilled beverages leave stains and bacteria that create odors you might not notice, but your guests will. That's one important reason to have your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly. Read on for some tips that keep your furniture clean and free of odor.

Vacuum The Furniture When You Vacuum The Carpet

You might not think about vacuuming the sofa and chairs very often, but it removes dust, pet hairs, and food crumbs so the furniture stays as clean as possible. Getting rid of grit prolongs the life of the fabric as well. Getting rid of food crumbs and dirt under the cushions might even help keep down odors. Make it a habit to vacuum the furniture using the wand attachment every time you vacuum the carpet, and your upholstery will look better and be ready for guests to drop in.

Blot Spills Right Away

Use a towel to blot up spills right away so liquid doesn't soak into the couch. It's hard to get liquid out of a couch and when it soaks in, the couch may develop a mildew odor. Plus, the liquid might leave a stain on the surface of the fabric. Blot up spills quickly and have a cleaning  product on hand so you can get out food and beverage spills that leave stains.

Cover The Furniture To Protect It

You probably don't want plastic furniture covers like your grandmother had, but you can buy slipcovers that protect your furniture from daily wear. Some are made to protect your furniture from pet odors and pet hair. They go on easily, so you can pull them off before company arrives and reveal a couch that is clean and smells fresh.

Have The Furniture Cleaned On Schedule

Hire an upholstery cleaning service to clean your furniture on a set schedule. The best frequency is determined by your lifestyle and number of pets in your home. You may want your furniture cleaned at the same time your carpet is cleaned so your whole house is clean and fresh. Hiring a professional is a good choice when it comes to upholstery cleaning because this ensures the right cleaning method is matched to the type of fabric. Plus, professional equipment uses very little water and extracts as much as possible so the risk of mildew and mold is very low.

These simple steps keep your furniture in good shape so you don't have to wonder if your guests notice stains or bad odors on your couch. You can relax and let your kids and pets lounge on the furniture knowing you can still keep it looking good with professional treatments and good home care.