5 Ways To Prevent Mold Damage

17 December 2015
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Mold is a serious risk to homeowners and it can occur from any type of water damage or leak. Mold can cause health problems, structural issues, and hefty mold removal and remediation bills. The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it. Here are five ways to prevent mold damage:

1. Decrease humidity

The best way to prevent mold damage is to deny mold moisture. Mold thrives in damp areas. Purchase a humidity monitor and dehumidifier for your home. When the humidity level rises above 50%, turn on the dehumidifier. You may also want to keep a dehumidifier running at all times in certain areas of your home like the bathroom or basement. Be sure to empty the drip pans of your dehumidifier regularly.

2. Circulate the air

Always keep air circulating in high moisture areas like your bathroom and kitchen. Do not take a shower or bath without using the fan. When doing dishes or running a dishwasher turn on the vent hood or open a window. If you have a leak or flood in an area, open all windows to the room and turn on as many fans as possible.

3. Keep warm

It's essential to keep certain areas of your home warm, especially areas near sinks and showers. In the wintertime the cold air makes water condense onto surfaces. This condensation creates an ideal environment for mold. In the winter keep your kitchen and bathroom warm. Place insulating sleeves on your pipes to keep water from dripping. If an area of your home doesn't have heat, like your basement, keep the door to the area open to let warm air in.

4. Clean

Keep your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement clean. Use a towel or a mop to clean up water as quickly as possible. If any objects like clothes or furniture get wet remove excess moisture and allow them to completely dry. Scrub surfaces with a disinfectant or vinegar solution. If you notice patches of mold put on a respirator and use a brush to scrub the surface clean with a bleach solution. Spray the spot with an EPA registered mold inhibitor.

5. Seal cracks

Check for cracks in both the outside and inside of your home. Look for cracks near your foundation, gutters, windowsills, or other areas that can let in water. Seal them with caulk. In your home, use caulk to seal the seams around your bathtub, sinks, and toilet. If the grout in your tub is peeling, replace it.

Mold damage is serious, and can lead to major health and home issues. These tips will help keep your home mold damage free.