Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Home's Carpeting

11 September 2015
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If your home has carpeting in the living room and bedrooms, then it is important for you to know how to properly care for it. Proper care of the carpet will keep it looking great for many years to come.

Follow these tips to clean and maintain the carpeting in your home:

Clean from the Top of the Rooms Downward

When you are ready to clean your carpets, first dust all of the shelves and furniture in the room. This will ensure that the dust does not fall down onto clean carpeting where it will be walked on and work its way into the carpet's fibers. While vacuum cleaners of past decades generated dust when you used them, this is not the case today. Most good vacuum cleaners now utilize special particulate filters that keep all of the dust in the vacuum cleaner's bag or canister.

Vacuum with a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner Each Week

If your home's carpeting is not cleaned on a regular basis, then any dirt or dust on the surface of the carpet will travel into the fibers and will cause the carpet to break down more quickly. To prevent damage to the fibers, you should vacuum your home's carpets each week with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Using a high-end vacuum is important because it will have stronger suction power to remove any pet hair from the carpet's fibers and any dirt that has worked its way down into the carpet's padding.

Clean the Baseboards and Carpet Edge Each Month

One area that carpeting gets the dirtiest is along the baseboards at the bottom of your home's walls. To remove this dirt, use the hand attachment of your vacuum cleaner and take the time to remove any dirt or pet hair near the baseboards. To further clean the baseboards, you should rub a clean damp rag along them. This will remove any dust or dirt sitting on the top of the baseboards.

Have the Carpets Professionally Cleaned Each Year

Finally, you should have the carpets in your home professionally cleaned each year to remove any stains and dirt that is not removed when you vacuum. While you can always rent a carpet shampooing machine and clean the carpets yourself, a professional carpet cleaning contractor (like Deep Cleaning) will get the carpets much cleaner, and their machinery is much easier on your carpet and pad than a do-it-yourself carpet shampoo machine.