Who Let The Dogs (And Cats) In...How To Keep Your Drapes Clean And Maintain Good Air Quality

20 August 2015
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There is estimated to be about 70 to 80 million dogs and about 74 to 96 million cats that are owned in the U.S. Owning a pet comes with great health benefits such as relief from the number of episodes of anxiety and depression and can even assist male pet owners in showing less signs of heart disease. However, considering that approximately one third of pet owners suffer from pet allergies, pets do come with allergy-stimulating fur, dander (dried flakes of skin) and urine, which can become overwhelming especially in the winter months when it is difficult to get fresh air into your house or apartment. Their interaction with your drapes can contribute to this problem.

So if you have a beloved furry companion who needs to stay indoors, here are some ways to keep your air quality in good condition with the way you treat your drapery.

Prevention is better

While it is impossible to prevent the transfer of fur from your pets to your drapes, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of pet-induced fur, dander, dust and dirt that gets on your drapes and furniture. One such suggestion is to bathe them at least once a week and brush your pet once a day or several times a week. Cats especially like to climb vertical surfaces and will urinate on drapes as a sign of readiness to mate, so it is important to give your cat enough scratching surfaces, as well as consider getting your cat neutered.

Dogs should be potty trained as soon as possible and should be taught to wait on the mat when coming in from outdoors so that dirt and dust can be removed before they can be transferred to surfaces in the house, including the drapes when they brush past them.

Keeping it clean

The other trick in the drapery contribution to the good air quality battle is to ensure that you keep your drapes clean. Vacuuming cannot be over-stressed in this situation as it removes fur and pet dander. Vacuuming is suggested as a daily activity, while playing special attention to drapes that can be sometimes overlooked. Urine stains and smells can be removed by laundering, but they may be more efficiently dealt with through a professional drapery cleaning service like Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc.

Removing urine odor and stains from your drapes can be done naturally using vinegar solutions or baking soda, which are both mild enough so that you do not add harsh chemical compounds or odors that can affect your breathing or your pet's health.