Cleaning A Newly Constructed Home

6 August 2015
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Cleaning a newly constructed home is a bit different than cleaning homes that have already had people residing in them. If you're going to be cleaning a new construction home, you want to learn about all the things to cover so you can do it quickly and efficiently. This article will help you know how to proceed with cleaning a new construction home.

Clean up all the dust

In a newly constructed house, dust from the construction will be everywhere. You want to clean off all surfaces and walls, as well as the ceiling fan blades and the tops of appliances. You should even check the bathtubs and sinks for dust. Go over all the window sills, baseboards and floors well. Cleaning up the heavy dust should be the first thing you do so it doesn't get tracked through the house, and especially not on the brand new carpet.

Clean the stickers off all the windows

In a new construction home, all the windows will still have the manufacturer's stickers on them. The easiest way to remove these stickers is to carefully scrape them off with a razor blade. Once the stickers are removed, you can clean the windows with window cleaner and newspaper. The newspaper will help prevent streaks better than rags.

Vacuum with a shop vac

You want to vacuum the carpet well. There may be nails, screws and possibly even staples buried in the caret. Using a shop vac instead of a regular vacuum will ensure you get all these things up without breaking your vacuum cleaner.

Take the labels off everything

Many rooms in the newly constructed house will have new appliances with stickers and labels still on them. In the kitchen, you want to remove these from the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and other appliances. In the bathroom, you may need to remove stickers from the mirrors and medicine cabinet, as well as the shower doors. Also, the bathtub and toilet may still have labels. Always open the appliances to look for labels on the insides as well.

The labels on appliances should peel off easily. However, if there is a little bit of residue left on from the label, you want to remove it completely. The easiest way for you to do this is with a clean rag and some nail polish remover.

Check the exterior walls

The exterior walls may have mud splashed up on them from landscaping. Go around the walls with a garden hose with a high powered nozzle and wash off any stuck on mud.

Once you are finished, the house should be in perfect, move-in condition. Always do one final walk through to make sure you didn't forget something. If cleaning a new construction home sounds like too much for you, contact a company that specializes in this service, such as Millennium Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services.