Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Professionals Come And Clean Your Office Windows

30 June 2015
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If you want your office to look as good as possible, getting your office windows professionally cleaned is obviously an important part of the process. But in some cases, like when the windows are old or have a lot of stuff attached to them, some extra considerations before and during the actual cleaning are essential. So before janitorial professionals come into your office and clean your windows, ask yourself these three questions.

Are there any posters or other objects on my windows?

If there are a lot of foreign objects like posters on the interior sides of your windows, cleaning professionals will have a hard time avoiding them while they're doing their job. Therefore, if the objects can possibly be removed and stored for later, you should certainly do so.

However, some objects, like stickers, can't be casually removed and restored so easily. If your office windows have a lot of stickers on them, you'll have to make a choice between permanently removing them or accepting that not all areas of your windows will be equally cleaned. If the cleaners don't hold back on applying chemicals and water in the areas near the stickers, they risk damaging or even destroying them.

Do all of the windows open and close smoothly and easily?

Usually, a full window cleaning also involves opening all the panels that can be opened and scrubbing the exterior parts of a window that can be reached from inside the office. To make sure that no unexpected problems with broken or inconsistent window panel hinges come up, you should take care to inspect all of the moving parts in your office windows before cleaning professionals arrive.

If you find a lot of hinges that are defective, you can either take on repair duties yourself or contract the work out. If you decide to replace the defective hinges yourself, make sure that the replacements you order online or buy from a hardware store are exactly the same size as the objects they're replacing.

How important is it to protect the frames around the windows?

Even if all the glass and metal components on your windows themselves are relatively new and free from abnormalities, take note if most of the frames holding the windows in place are very old. Whether these old frames are made out of wood or metal, it's very likely that strong cleaning chemicals will infiltrate cracks in them and worsen ongoing structural degradation. In this case, you'll need to tell the cleaners to avoid touching the frames.

While a window might seem like a relatively simple part of your office, you should still treat it as an object that requires careful stewardship. If one of your office windows suddenly breaks due to you not protecting the parts on it that are vulnerable, replacing it will be a big pain. For more tips on preparing for a visit from a cleaning service, contact a company like Threefold Janitorial Services.